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Furnaces up to 1300°C

Contact person: Cios Grzegorz
Technical description: Four resistive furnaces, no inert atmosphere, no vacuum chamber.

EBSD and EDS detectors

Contact person: Cios Grzegorz
Technical description: The Symmetry S2 EBSD detector is mounted on a Versa 3D scanning electron microscope (SEM) in the ACMIN scanning electron microscopy laboratory. It allows for: -analysis of the local texture and phase composition of crystalline materials. -with a rat…

Scanning electron microscope equipped with ion gun (SEM/FIB)

Contact person: Gajewska Marta
Technical description: The Quanta 3D 200i dual beam (SEM/FIB) microscope is a device dedicated to the preparation of thin films for TEM/STEM research. The instrument is equipped with two guns: electron (tungsten filament) and ion (Ga+), a system of precise dosing of worki…