NMR Maran Ultra 23MHz - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer

Trade name
NMR MaranUltra 23MHz, Resonance Instruments Ltd., GB
Technical description

Purpose: the spectrometer is designed to test the content of hydrogen (water and other hydrogen-containing compounds) in rocks, soils, sands, construction, chemical, medical, food). To determine the total and effective porosity and saturation distribution.

Tests are carried out on samples of solids (including cores, pieces of rock), liquid and gaseous (properly prepared and secured sample).

Measurements variants:

1. Standard measurement - analysis of the saturation distribution using the NMR method (total porosity, effective porosity, saturation with irreducible water, free, capillary and bound water content), double measurement for a dry and saturated sample, using the spin echo method, standard T2cutoffs and individually selected.

2. Non-standard measurement - analysis of saturation distribution by NMR (total porosity, effective porosity, saturation with irreducible water, free, capillary and bound water content), calculation of permeability and pore size distribution, interpretation using non-standard procedures, individually adjusted T2cutoffs according to the individually created procedure.

3. Measurements in various saturation conditions, the use of multiple measurement sequences.

Based on the shape of the NMR signal, it is possible to analyse the size, shape and mobility of pore media. The amplitude of the NMR signal depends on the number of resonating hydrogen nuclei contained in the sample. It is a measure of the porosity of the rock, the pores of which are filled with the saturation medium. From the total signal, components related to the volume of free water, capillary water and bound water in clay minerals are extracted.

Preparation devices: shaping samples, weighing, measuring, drying, saturating and centrifuging.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

The research infrastructure can be used (as part of scientific cooperation or for a fee), but it is not possible to use the equipment on their own. Measurements will be performed at the installation place by a person authorized by the laboratory manager.

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

Measured and determined parameters:

  • total, effective and dynamic porosity
  • the volume of water saturating the pore space with the division of clay bound water,  water closed in capillary pores and free water 
  • irreducible water saturation factor, SWIRR
  • permeability coefficient, PERM
  • pore radius
  • pore size distribution, PSD
Last update date
May 27, 2023, 3:20 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities
  • Spectrometric measurement T1, T2, diffusion
  • Standard and individually fitted cutoffs
  • A set of certified measurement standards for calibrating results
  • Software for measurements, storage, processing and interpretation
  • Specimen dimensions: 1 inch diameter plugs and app. 1.5 inch high or crushed sample or liquid or mixture of liquid and solid
NMR Maran Ultra 23MHz
NMR Maran Ultra 23MHz