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Ultrapyc 5000 Micro gas pycnometer

Contact person: Bajda Tomasz
Technical description: The Ultrapyc 5000 Micro gas pycnometer is used to precisely measure the actual density of solids in the form of powders or monoliths. Helium is used for measurements. The device has a built-in temperature control using a Peltier module. Measurements…

Transient absorption spectrometer

Contact person: Burda Kvetoslava
Technical description: An integrated spectrometer capable of measuring transient absorption of electron states by nanosecond laser flash photolysis in the UV-VIS-IR range. Excitation light source 1. A tunable optical parametric oscillator pumped with a nanosecond Nd:YA…

Vector Network Analyzer

Contact person: Fiutowski Tomasz
Technical description: The E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) enables complete device characterization for passive components, amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters. It provides calibrated stimulus signals to the RF network or device under test (DUT) and meas…

Rohde&Schwarz FSW85 signal and spectrum analyzer

Contact person: Piekarz Ilona
Technical description: The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer allows engineers to perform even the most demanding tasks. It has a wide operating bandwidth that enables the characterization of broadband communication components and systems. More …

Rohde & Schwarz SMW100A vector signal generator

Contact person: Piekarz Ilona
Technical description: Vector signal generator suitable for most even the most demanding applications. The device is characterized by very good RF characteristics in the frequency range of 1oo Khz to 44 GHz. More information:…

Test bench for administrative dynamic vehicle weighing systems WIM

Contact person: Gajda Janusz
Technical description: The stand consists of two subsystems: - Comprehensive measurement system (LS-WIM dynamic free-weight scale - 1 unit, WIM system with plate sensors - 1 unit, meteo station - 1 unit), - WIM system with quartz sensors - 1 unit.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machine

Technical description: The NeoSpark B500 wire EDM machine is a precision wire EDM machine with reciprocating wire motion. This machine makes it possible to achieve a very good performance when machining electrically conductive materials and accurately separating printed o…

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Contact person: Gąska Piotr
Technical description: Measuring system enabling the control of elements using coordinate technique, allowing the measurement of length, angles and shape of geometric elements.

FTIR spectrometer for measuring infrared spectra

Contact person: Podborska Agnieszka
Technical description: The Bruker Tensor II FTIR spectrometer is equipped with: attachment for measurements of Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) with a monolithic diamond crystal enabling measurement in the range of 350-8000 cm-1, adapted to the measurement of…

Plate reader (Infinite M Nano, Tecan)

Contact person: Wytrwał Magdalena
Technical description: Plate reader (Infinite M Nano, Tecan). The device is equipped with two monochromators (xenon UV lamp) for excitation, allowing to perform a full absorbance scan, absorbance reading module in the range of 230-1000 nm with the possibility of selecting…