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Transmission electron microscope (TEM) Tecnai TF 20 X-TWIN (FEI)

Contact person: Gajewska Marta
Technical description: Tecnai TF 20 X-TWIN (200 kV) is a high-resolution transmission electron microscope equipped with a Field Emission Gun (FEG). The microscope enables imaging of the microstructure of a wide range of materials (such as: metals and their alloys, ceramic…

Thin foil electropolisher TenuPol

Contact person: Cios Grzegorz
Technical description: The TenuPol-5 is designed for automatic electrolytic thinning of specimens for examination in a transmission electron microscope. Establishing parameters for new materials and storing them in the method database is simple, using the built-in scannin…

High-resolution transmission electron microscope

Contact person: Kruk Adam
Technical description: High-resolution analytical transmission electron microscope (resolution equal to 70 pm) with unique instrumentation. It is equipped with an X-FEG electron gun, a monochromator, a corrector for spherical aberration of the condenser system and the lat…