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Arc melter

Contact person: Kozieł Tomasz
Technical description: Laboratory furnace for synthesizing metallic materials, including reactive and high-melting ones, through arc melting in a protective atmosphere. The device enables the production of laboratory casts weighing up to 200 g, solidifying on a copper wat…

Ion polisher and sprayer

Contact person: Wroński Sebastian
Technical description: The key factor that determines the quality of the images obtained using SEM electron microscopy is the appropriate preparation of samples. Generally, specimens are prepared by grinding, polishing, and etching. The electron backscattering technique (…

The mechanical surface properties testing platform Anton Paar Step 500

Contact person: Drenda Cezary
Technical description: The mechanical surface properties testing platform from Anton Paar company model Step 500 is equipped with: NHT3 tester (nano hardness tester); MCT3 tester (micro combi tester); optical head providing magnification of 5,20,50,100 times; …

Pin/Ball-on-Disk test tribometer model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments

Contact person: Drenda Cezary
Technical description: The Pin/Ball-on-Disk Test Tribometer Model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments is a multifunctional device designed to friction and wear test in rotary motion of various monolithic materials, as well as thin and thick films and coatings.  Tests can be…

DC magnetron vacuum sputtering system

Contact person: Kryshtal Oleksandr
Technical description: Simple and functional sputter deposition unit for reproducible thin film layers applying. Optimized for co-deposition of TEM specimens. Main parameters: - Base pressure range 10-7 mbar - Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm - Substrate stage fo…

Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press

Contact person: Lisiecki Łukasz
Technical description: 1. Industrial robot – Kawasaki RS030N • maximum load capacity: 30 kg • number of axes: 6 • maximum reach: 2100 mm • robot weight (arm): 555 kg • repeatability: ≤ ±0.03mm, (±0.06mm with the surface of t…

High speed mixer

Contact person: Berent Katarzyna
Technical description: The device is used for the rapid mixing and grinding of materials. Suspensions can be homogenously mixed in seconds.

Laser system for microfabrication of electronic circuits working in the range of microwave and millimeter

Contact person: Staszek Kamil
Technical description: Micro Machining in the Lab UV laser source as a versatile tool The LPKF ProtoLaser U4 uses a scanner-guided laser with a wavelength of 355 nm in the UV spectrum, that has been specially developed for use in electronics laboratories. This wavel…

Ceramic material resin firing furnace with afterburner

Contact person: Tokarski Tomasz
Technical description: The device is used for drying and firing ceramics. The furnace features an automatically closing worktable with a lift, facilitating easier loading of the charge from below. Heating is achieved through resistance using Kanthal thermoelectric element…

High temperature furnace up to 2200°C

Contact person: Tokarski Tomasz
Technical description: The furnace allows for achieving high temperatures using graphite heaters. The device is designed for performing heat treatment at elevated temperatures as well as limited-range melting of materials. The process is conducted in a sealed, water-coole…