Potentiostat/galvanostat Biologic SP-300

Trade name
Biologic SP-300
Technical description

Two channel potentiostat/galvanostat BioLogic SP-300 with EIS module enabling fundamental electrochemical measurements, testing of electrocatalytic materials, analysis of kinetics and mechanism of electrode processes as well as synthezis of metallic and semidonducting materials of different geometry (nanotubes, nanorods). SP300 can be also used for complex characterization of materials towards their corrosion properties.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

Apparatus is made available under the terms of the Regulations for the Use of ACMiN Research Infrastructure. (https://acmin.agh.edu.pl/acmin/dokumenty/)

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities
  • Current-voltage characteristics (CV, LV, LSV, DPV)
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Chronoamperometric and chronopotentiometric curves
  • OCP measurements
Last update date
Nov. 10, 2023, 9:14 a.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities
  • Potential range: ±10 V
  • Frequency range EIS: 10 μHz – 7 MHz
  • Current range: od 1 A to 10 nA
  • Max current: ±500 mA
  • Floating mode
  • Analog filtering
BioLogic SP-300
BioLogic SP-300