Trade name
Device for automatic ion polishing of sample surfaces, equipped with a Cryo table and a layer spraying system
Technical description

The key factor that determines the quality of the images obtained using SEM electron microscopy is the appropriate preparation of samples. Generally, specimens are prepared by grinding, polishing, and etching. The electron backscattering technique (EBSD) is particularly demanding. For many materials, ion polishing is necessary to obtain the appropriate quality of diffraction lines. To obtain the highest quality images, e.g. of very small areas of twin structures, it is necessary to have a specialized ion polisher, because classic electrolytic etching does not enable obtaining the appropriate surface quality of the samples.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

The condition for using the polisher is scientific cooperation, which results in, for example:
- joint publication of the obtained results,
- popularization of results in a conference speech,
- establishing cooperation, which results in submitting a grant application.

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
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Research capabilities

The polisher with a sputtering system is used to prepare samples for SEM electron microscopy, AFM atomic force microscopy, EDS spectroscopy, cathodoluminescence (CL) and diffraction studies. These techniques are used in research conducted by employees of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science. The department currently has two electron microscopes, and the purchased polisher will significantly increase their research capabilities.

Last update date
Feb. 14, 2024, 8:18 a.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

The device enables testing of the microstructural properties of materials, e.g. metals with a hexagonal structure for biomedical applications. Grain sizes, mechanical twin parameters, grain boundary parameters and their impact on the material properties can be determined. Using a polisher, samples are prepared for quantitative tests using diffraction methods (X-ray, neutron radiation or electron backscattering technique EBSD).

Ionic polisher and sprayer
Ionic polisher and sprayer