Pin/Ball-on-Disk test tribometer model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments

Trade name
Tribometer MFT-2000
Technical description

The Pin/Ball-on-Disk Test Tribometer Model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments is a multifunctional device designed to friction and wear test in rotary motion of various monolithic materials, as well as thin and thick films and coatings.

 Tests can be carried out with a pin-disk or ball-disk contact in a sliding nonlubricated (dry friction) or lubricated contact. Using this device, it is possible to test the wear resistance and coefficient of friction of any material contact depending on the sliding speed, contact load, and other parameters, such as environmental. Measurements carried out in real time and with high precision: normal and tangential (friction) force in the range of 0.05 ÷ 10 N with a resolution of 0.3 mN, and the depth of abrasion with a resolution of 0.1 µm. Analysis of the wear track formed after friction is the basis for describing the wear mechanism of the tested materials. The determined parameters and wear analysis allow to fully characterize the tribological properties of the tested material association. The MFT-2000 tribometer is equipped with a dedicated environmental chamber for rotary motion with a humidity controller. The environmental chamber allows tribological tests to be carried out under fixed conditions of temperature and humidity in a closed system in the range of 5% to 95%.

The control and measurement system of the MFT-2000 tribometer allows testing to be performed with high metrological accuracy and stability.

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Research capabilities

environmental cell for rotary motion with humidity controller to conduct friction under controlled conditions from 5 to 95%

measurement signal of normal force and tangential force recorded continuously for real-time friction monitoring

load and frictional force measurement system integrated with mechanical damping system and compensation of force measurement sensitivity due to temperature changes

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Feb. 13, 2024, 1:08 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

contact geometry:     mandrel-disk / ball-disk

pin diameter:             6 or 8 mm

ball diameter:            6 or 6.3 mm

disc diameter:           up to 50 mm

load:                          0.05 ÷ 10 N

rotational speed:       0.1 to 2500 rpm

Tribometer Rtec MF-2000
Tribometer Rtec MF-2000
Measurement system
Measurement system