Resistivity measurements system Advanced Resistivity System 300, CoreLab Ins.

Trade name
Advanced Resistivity System 300, CoreLab Ins.
Technical description

Purpose: a set for measuring the electrical resistivity of liquids and solids (cores), measurements at various saturation make it possible to determine the porosity parameter, saturation parameter, sorting constant, compaction factor and saturation exponent. Measurements at different temperatures and pressures simulate in situ conditions. Measurements at different saturation levels. For this purpose, the measurement is performed repeatedly, using porous plate or after the sample has been centrifuged, at a fixed time and number of rates. On the basis of the measurement, the porosity parameter, the porosity index (saturation parameter), the sorting constant, the cementation factor and the saturation exponent are calculated.

Measurements of solid samples (e.g. rocks, construction materials) and bulk materials (e.g. soil, powders).

Advanced Resistivity System 300 firmy CoreLab Ins.:

  • chamber for measuring fluids resistivity
  • core holder for measuring solids (rocks, soils) resistivity
  • core holder for measuring resistivity in simulated reservoir conditions (under pressure and at high temperature)
  • holder for dielectric constant measurements

Preparatory and auxiliary devices: the preparation of samples for testing consists in giving the samples the appropriate shape, weighing, measuring, drying, saturating and centrifuging.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

The research infrastructure can be used (as part of scientific cooperation or for a fee), but it is not possible to use the equipment on their own. Measurements will be performed at the installation place by a person authorized by the laboratory manager.

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

Measured and determined parameters:

  1. electrical resistivity / conductivity (for fluids, soils and solids)
  2. electrical resistivity under high pressure and temperature
  3. formation factor and saturation index
  4. cementation factor
  5. sorting constant
  6. saturation exponent
  7. dielectric constant
Last update date
May 27, 2023, 3:20 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities
  • Measurements for a dry sample or a sample saturated, at the same time, the measurement of the resistivity of the liquid saturating the sample is performed
  • Measurements at different saturation levels
  • Measurements under conditions of simulated reservoir pressures and temperatures
  • Specimen Dimensions: 1 in. or 1.5 in. diameter plugs with min. 1.5 in. length, measurements of soil and powders
Advanced Resistivity System 300,  CoreLab Ins., USA
Advanced Resistivity System 300, CoreLab Ins., USA