Ocean Insight modular optical spectrometer kit

Trade name
Optical Spectrometers (Ocean Insight)
Technical description

The kit includes several compact fiber optic spectrometers that can be configured for the measurements to be made. The kit includes spectrometers: QE-Raman, Flame-VIS-NIR, Flame-NIR, Ocean-HDX-XR, Flame-S-VIS-NIR, NIR-Quest with all necessary accessories: software to control spectrometers, measurement probes, light sources, integration spheres, white standards, a set of fiber optics, etc. The kit makes possible measurement of absorption and reflection spectra (in 45◦ configuration and using integration spheres) in the UV-VIS-NIR range (up to 2400nm);fluorescence and bioluminescence spectra; as well as Raman spectra (solid and liquid samples, 785 nm excitation). The application of the system, depending on research needs, includes virtually all basic measurements in  classical optical spectroscopy and also measurements related to biomedical applications (measurements on living organisms).

Additional information about the measurement capabilities of each of the spectrometers listed above can be found on the manufacturer's website https://www.oceaninsight.com/

Conditions for providing infrastructure

The kit consisting of several spectrometers will be used by interested research groups from both AGH and outside AGH free of charge,
within the framework of cooperation, for research. Conducting measurements requires specialized training. The set is configured depending on specific measurement needs.
Those participating in the measurements are members of a research team publishing the results of joint scientific work.
Measurement scheduling must be agreed in advance.

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

Measurements of absorption and reflectance (UV-VIS-NIR), fluorescence, luminescence and Raman spectra of solid, liquid samples, possible measurements on living organisms e.g. optical characterization of tissues. Several measurement procedures can be run simultaneously. The kit can be flexibly configured depending on the research needs and the type of samples to be tested.

Last update date
March 11, 2024, 11:03 a.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

Study of optical properties of all kinds of solid and liquid samples (1cm cuvettes), registration of spectra also in optically opaque environments (UV-VIS range), additionally reflectance measurements of tissues.

VIS-NIR spectrometer with control unit.
VIS-NIR spectrometer with control unit.
Examples of configurable spectrometers for UV-NIR/NIR/VIS-NIR ranges.
Examples of configurable spectrometers for UV-NIR/NIR/VIS-NIR ranges.