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Ocean Insight modular optical spectrometer kit

Contact person: Matuszak Zenon
Technical description: The kit includes several compact fiber optic spectrometers that can be configured for the measurements to be made. The kit includes spectrometers: QE-Raman, Flame-VIS-NIR, Flame-NIR, Ocean-HDX-XR, Flame-S-VIS-NIR, NIR-Quest with all necessary access…

thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) spectra reader

Contact person: Jung Aleksandra
Technical description: The TL/OSL reader enables basic and interdisciplinary research in the assessment of material properties in terms of their use in dosimetry, radiological protection, retrospective and accident dosimetry. The use of luminescence-based dating allows fo…

Confocal Raman microscope

Contact person: Chwiej Joanna
Technical description: The confocal Raman microscope alpha300 R is equipped with a laser source with a wavelength of 532 nm and a maximum power of 30 mW. The microscope optics includes four lenses with magnifications: 100x, 50x, 10x and 63x, the last one, immersive, allow…

Micro-XRF scanner

Technical description: The system is equipped with two low power X-ray tubes (30 W) with Rh and Ag anodes. The tube with the Rh anode is equipped with a polycapillary lens, which allows obtaining an X-ray beam with a diameter of 20 µm. The Ag anode X-ray tube can be…