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Ocean Insight modular optical spectrometer kit

Contact person: Matuszak Zenon
Technical description: The kit includes several compact fiber optic spectrometers that can be configured for the measurements to be made. The kit includes spectrometers: QE-Raman, Flame-VIS-NIR, Flame-NIR, Ocean-HDX-XR, Flame-S-VIS-NIR, NIR-Quest with all necessary access…

Raman microscope DXR

Contact person: Bajda Tomasz
Technical description: The DXR Raman microscope by Thermo Scientific, with a grating spectrometer and a CCD detector, enables the recording of spectra in the range of 50÷3300 cm-1. Equipment: • Lasers: 780 nm (max. power 24mW) and 532nm (max. power 10mW)…