Trade name
Spectroscopic ellipsometer SENresearch 4.0 - model 850
Technical description

The SER-850 spectroscopic ellipsometer is an ultraviolet to near infrared device for measuring the thickness and basic optical properties of thin films and multilayered structures. The device allows both routine and advanced measurements of optical properties of thin layers, including the determination of Mueller matrix elements and operando measurements - for example during corrosive or catalytic processes. Measured properties encompass the refractive index, and the absorption coefficient - for single and multi-layer systems. It is also possible to determine the thickness of individual layers without damaging the samples. The results allow for determining the roughness not only of the sample surface but also of individual interfaces. Measurement precision is ensured by digitally controlled movable arms and a suitable set of light sources - deuterium lamp (DUV) and tungsten lamp (VIS-NIR), as well as by sensitive detectors and polarizers operating in the step-scan mode. The thermoelectrically cooled DUV-VIS range detector provides a high S/N ratio even for low reflectance samples. The devices use the SSA scanning mode, i.e. without any movement of the optical path elements during the acquisition, which significantly reduces the measurement time. The included software, with internal material database, enables the simulation and modeling of optical properties for the investigated systems.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

The provision of the equipment requires the prior consent of the supervisor of the device. Sharing takes place on a collaborative basis or for a fee, as part of additional orders. Simulations of the acquired spectra with the use of the attached dedicated software are the subject of a separate cooperation agreement. The provision of this device is subject to entries in the timesheet records for scientific and research apparatus.

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

• samples in the form of thin films (single and multi-layer) • oxide and semiconductor materials • layer thickness tests • determination of optical parameters of materials - single isotropic layers and complex multilayer systems • determination of surface and interface roughness • testing of materials with a property gradient - porous coatings, ultra-thin layers • study of the depolarization effect

Last update date
July 4, 2023, 2:37 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

• ellipsometer - spectral range 240nm to 1700nm • reflectometer - range from 420nm to 850 nm • automatic goniometer