Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press

Trade name
Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press
Technical description

1. Industrial robot – Kawasaki RS030N • maximum load capacity: 30 kg • number of axes: 6 • maximum reach: 2100 mm • robot weight (arm): 555 kg • repeatability: ≤ ±0.03mm, (±0.06mm with the surface of the bunch flange -z according to the ISO 9283 standard) • speed on subsequent robot axes [°/s]: JT1=180, JT2=180, JT3=185, JT4=260, JT5=260, JT6=360 • range of robot movement on subsequent axes [°]: JT1=±180, JT2=+140 ÷ -105, JT3=+135 ÷ - 155, JT4=±360, JT5=±145, JT6=±360. • built-in pneumatic installation • Degree of protection: robot wrist: IP67, robot arm: IP65 • manual robot programmer • robot controller (built-in 2 Ethernet ports (with support for TCP and UDP protocols) and RS232, 32 input digital signals, 32 output digital signals, possibility of connecting 3 external axes, collision detection function, built-in WEB Server, USB port, programming using manual programmer and structured language from a PC.

2. Hot forging gripper for working with details • made of various materials • heated to a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius • weighing up to 10 kilograms • with a maximum length of 500 mm

3. Functionality for the robot to follow an external force - Soft Absorber license • possible complex movement of the robot, which is the relationship between the external force and the driving force of the robot, which allows the robot to be programmed in a way in which its movement depends entirely on the force acting in all axes of the robot

4. Safety system for the robotic station • Safety system based on the Safety PLC safety controller

Conditions for providing infrastructure

Under contracts and commissioned research tasks

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

Study of the behavior and load of tools used for metal forming processes, analysis of robotic die forging processes, study of load and optimization of movement of manipulators for open die forging, research related to programming robots dedicated to metal forming processes

Last update date
Feb. 6, 2024, 12:57 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

Measurement of the movement speed and position of tools used for plastic forming processes, measurement of the pressure force of tools and displacements occurring during plastic deformation, measurement of the load on forging manipulators, measurement and optimization of robot movement during multi-operation forging processes

Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press
Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press
Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press
Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press