Trade name
EBSD Symmetry S2 and EDS Ultim Max 40
Technical description

The Symmetry S2 EBSD detector is mounted on a Versa 3D scanning electron microscope (SEM) in the ACMIN scanning electron microscopy laboratory. It allows for: -analysis of the local texture and phase composition of crystalline materials. -with a rate of 4,500 indexed diffraction images per second. -collection of diffraction images with a maximum resolution of 1244x1024 pixels (e.g. for local stress analysis). -scanning of large sample areas (e.g. 20 x 20 mm). The accompanying software allows e.g. determination of average grain size, and generation of polar figures (crystallographic texture). More about EBSD can be found at The Ultim Max EDS detector is a detector of the excited radiation energy from a sample in the Versa 3D scanning electron microscope(SEM) at the ACMIN scanning electron microscopy laboratory. It enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical composition at a point, analysis along a line and surface mapping.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

Equipment is available in accordance with the Regulations for the Use of ACMiN's Research Infrastructure. (

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
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Research capabilities

local analysis of chemical composition and crystallographic orientation of phases

Last update date
Aug. 30, 2023, 12:45 p.m.
Year of commissioning
Measurement capabilities

chemical composition (quantitatively, excluding certain elements), crystallographic texture, phase composition, grain size