Turbomolecular pumped coater Q150T E Quorum Technologies

Trade name
Q150T E Quorum Technologies
Technical description

The device enables the deposition of high-purity, high-density amorphous carbon (C) thin films on the surface of non-conductive samples to improve the electrical conductivity of samples analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) grids, and the preparation of replicas for measurements in the scanning-transmission (STEM) mode.

Conditions for providing infrastructure

Equipment is available in accordance with the Regulations for the Use of ACMiN's Research Infrastructure. (https://acmin.agh.edu.pl/acmin/dokumenty/)

Type of accreditation / certificate:
Not applicable
Access type
Research capabilities

The device allows precise control of the carbon thickness thanks to an installed quartz crystal monitor. The minimum layer thickness is 1 nm.

Last update date
Jan. 24, 2024, 11:03 a.m.
Year of commissioning
Turbomolecular pumped coater Q150T E
Turbomolecular pumped coater Q150T E