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Ion polisher and sprayer

Contact person: Wroński Sebastian
Technical description: The key factor that determines the quality of the images obtained using SEM electron microscopy is the appropriate preparation of samples. Generally, specimens are prepared by grinding, polishing, and etching. The electron backscattering technique (…


Contact person: Jabłoński Piotr
Technical description: The ScatterX78 chamber allows simultaneous measurement in a SAXS and WAXS vacuum. Measurement is possible for object sizes from 1 nm in 1D and 2D dimensions. Additionally, the proposed extension of the research equipment allows for conducting resear…

X-RAY Diffractometer with HT chamber

Contact person: Jabłoński Piotr
Technical description: Panalytical Empyrean Powder Diffractometer with Co Lamp It allows to carry out measurements in the geometry of the Bragg-Brentano beam with the use of collimating slits and in the geometry of the parallel beam (Goebel mirror). They are equipped with…

X-ray diffractometer SmartLab 9kW

Contact person: Bajda Tomasz
Technical description: Description Rigaku SmartLab X-ray powder diffractometer with rotating Cu anode with a power of 9 kW. The device is equipped with a precise theta-theta goniometer, adjusted by a computer control system. Technical parameters: maximum us…