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Gravity meter

Contact person: Porzucek Sławomir
Technical description: The Scintrex AutoGrav CG-5 gravity meter is a device for measuring gravity, which is a reflection of the density distribution in the rock mass. The gravity meter measuring system is based on a quartz spring and has a high measurement accuracy: 0.001…


Contact person: Łój Monika
Technical description: The G-859AS magnetometre is used to measure the total magnetic induction. It is a high-sensitive, fast sampling cesium vapor magnetometer using the phenomenon of optical pumping. The G-859AS provides various modes of operation to allow non-standard …

Geode Seismograph

Contact person: Cichostępski Kamil
Technical description: Geode (Geometrics) seismograph is a state-of-the-art seismic survey system. It is used for the reconnaissance of both the shallow zone of the subsurface (for engineering, geotechnical and environmental purposes) and the deep zone (reservoir and stru…