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Measurement system of flow parameters in the medium for two-phase flow

Contact person: Dąbrowski Karol
Technical description: 12MHz magnet with space for a sampler with a maximum inner diameter of 53mm. Digital spectrometer electronics with pulse programmer, acquisition with high-speed A/D sampling, preamplifier optimized for low-frequency operation and up to 128,000 echoe…

NMR spectrometer

Contact person: Krzyżak Artur
Technical description: The Magritek Rock Core Analyzer (2 MHz) spectrometer with a diffusion system is dedicated to the study of porous systems, in particular the "tight" type, and the Thomography system attachment enabling the performance of complete 2D-3D tomo…

Beckman Laboratory Centrifuge

Contact person: Pierri Dorota
Technical description: BECKMAN laboratory centrifuge GS-6 series (max 8000 rpm).

NMR Maran Ultra 23MHz - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer

Contact person: Puskarczyk Edyta
Technical description: Purpose: the spectrometer is designed to test the content of hydrogen (water and other hydrogen-containing compounds) in rocks, soils, sands, construction, chemical, medical, food). To determine the total and effective porosity and saturation distri…

AutoPore Mercury Porosimeter

Contact person: Machowski Grzegorz
Technical description: AutoPore Mercury Porosimeter from Micromeritics. The instrument measures the diameter, volume and distribution of macropores and mesopores in solid and powder samples. Research area: petrophysics, petroleum geology, geothermal, hydrogeology, mine…

Linear X-ray scanner

Contact person: Dąbrowski Karol
Technical description: The apparatus mainly comprises a thick stainless steel, radiation-isolating enclosure, a computer controlled X-ray generator allowing the user adjust the X-ray intensity, an X-ray transparent core holder, and below it, a linear X-ray detector to mea…