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3D printer for producing cores/casting molds using binder jetting technology

Contact person: Dańko Rafał
Technical description: KOCEL AJS300A 3D printer for making cores/molds in additive technology with the possibility of using reclaimed material (after thermal regeneration - with a precisely defined grain size (0.14-0.18), Dimension of the printing chamber (printed form): …

Selective laser sintering 3D printer

Contact person: Dudek Piotr
Technical description: 3D printer for manufacturing parts by selective sintering plastic powder by CO2 laser in protective nitrogen atmosfere

SLM 3D Printer

Technical description: The EOS M290 3D system represents the fourth and latest generation of systems developed by EOS for laser melting of metal powders using DMLS/SLM (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) technology. The system is equipped with a 400 watt fiber laser which is u…