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GC-MS/TCD Gas Chromatograph – Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020(EI)

Contact person: Mech Krzysztof
Technical description: Gas chromatograph equipped with MS and TCD detectors intended for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas phase composition. Configuration: MS – carrier gas: He, column: Agilent J&W HP-PLOT/U; l=30m; d=0.53 mm, temperature range…

Agilent 7890B-FPD/TCD GC

Technical description: The chromatograph is equipped with two S/SL injectors and two FPD and TCD detectors. In the FPD path, there is a DB-1 column with dimensions of 60 m x 0.53 mm, 5 μm film, while in the TCD path there is an HP-PLOT/Q column with dimensions of 30 m …