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The mechanical surface properties testing platform Anton Paar Step 500

Contact person: Drenda Cezary
Technical description: The mechanical surface properties testing platform from Anton Paar company model Step 500 is equipped with: NHT3 tester (nano hardness tester); MCT3 tester (micro combi tester); optical head providing magnification of 5,20,50,100 times; …

Pin/Ball-on-Disk test tribometer model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments

Contact person: Drenda Cezary
Technical description: The Pin/Ball-on-Disk Test Tribometer Model MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments is a multifunctional device designed to friction and wear test in rotary motion of various monolithic materials, as well as thin and thick films and coatings.  Tests can be…

Multifunctional robot for the 500T hydraulic press

Contact person: Lisiecki Łukasz
Technical description: 1. Industrial robot – Kawasaki RS030N • maximum load capacity: 30 kg • number of axes: 6 • maximum reach: 2100 mm • robot weight (arm): 555 kg • repeatability: ≤ ±0.03mm, (±0.06mm with the surface of t…

HB05 Bonder with microscope and heater

Contact person: Chrobak Maciej
Technical description: The HB05 Bonder equipped with an optical microscope and a heating stage, allows to make metallic connections between sample holder and sample using gold or aluminum wire with a thickness of 25 µm.

miBot set of nanomanipulators

Technical description: The system of two miBot-type nanomanipulators by IMINa, compatible with the scanning electron-ion microscope VERSA 3D. This system allows for in-situ resistance measurements during the nanostructuring process and manipulation of individual sub-micro…


Contact person: Jabłoński Piotr
Technical description: The ScatterX78 chamber allows simultaneous measurement in a SAXS and WAXS vacuum. Measurement is possible for object sizes from 1 nm in 1D and 2D dimensions. Additionally, the proposed extension of the research equipment allows for conducting resear…

Skaner 3D - Gom2

Contact person: Perzyński Konrad
Technical description: The GOM Scan 1 non-contact scanner is an advanced device based on GOM's blue light technology and rod projection used in reverse engineering for digitizing analyzed products and objects. GOM Scan 1 is equipped with advanced Blue Light technology…

Rohde&Schwarz FSW85 signal and spectrum analyzer

Contact person: Piekarz Ilona
Technical description: The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer allows engineers to perform even the most demanding tasks. It has a wide operating bandwidth that enables the characterization of broadband communication components and systems. More …

Rohde & Schwarz SMW100A vector signal generator

Contact person: Piekarz Ilona
Technical description: Vector signal generator suitable for most even the most demanding applications. The device is characterized by very good RF characteristics in the frequency range of 1oo Khz to 44 GHz. More information:…

Test bench for administrative dynamic vehicle weighing systems WIM

Contact person: Gajda Janusz
Technical description: The stand consists of two subsystems: - Comprehensive measurement system (LS-WIM dynamic free-weight scale - 1 unit, WIM system with plate sensors - 1 unit, meteo station - 1 unit), - WIM system with quartz sensors - 1 unit.