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Proctor compactor

Contact person: Rembiś Marek
Technical description: The device is equipped with 2 moulds with a diameter of 100 mm and 150 mm.

CBR loading machine

Contact person: Rembiś Marek
Technical description: Digital and continuous measurement with penetration monitoring with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. Load measuring range: up to 50 kN.

Triaxial machine

Contact person: Rembiś Marek
Technical description: The apparatus is equipped with: three advanced triaxial cells (Tri-Cell Plus), an apparatus for automatic measurement of sample volume changes and a module for testing effective stress. The device allows the user to control the triaxial effective st…

Scanner MRI

Contact person: Krzyżak Artur
Technical description: Research using the MR tomograph and the RCA spectrometer enable the development of theoretical and application works on the use of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) phenomenon and complementary methods in biomedicine, geophysics and geology,…

SuperSting R8 Electrical Resistivity/IP/SP Meter

Contact person: Bania Grzegorz
Technical description: SuperSting R8 is a modern measurement system applied to image the geological medium using the following geoelectrical methods: DC-resistivity, self-potential (SP), and induced polarization (IP). As part of DC-resistivity methods, measurements can be…

Testing Machine 100 kN

Contact person: Olszyna Grzegorz
Technical description: The Shimadzu AGX-V 100 kN testing machine is used for static strength tests in the field of tensile, compression, bending, etc. The machine has precise testing capabilities in the range of forces up to 100 kN. Technical parameters: S…

Geode Seismograph

Contact person: Cichostępski Kamil
Technical description: Geode (Geometrics) seismograph is a state-of-the-art seismic survey system. It is used for the reconnaissance of both the shallow zone of the subsurface (for engineering, geotechnical and environmental purposes) and the deep zone (reservoir and stru…

CMD Explorer and CMD Mini Explorer Ground Conductivity Meter (GCM)

Contact person: Klityński Wojciech
Technical description: CMD Explorer and CMD Mini Explorer apparatus are modern measurement systems characterized by high resolution, both vertical and horizontal, for well-conducting media. The apparatus complement each other in terms of depth ranges, and the measurement …

IBIS-L/S ground-based interferometric radar

Contact person: Kuras Przemysław
Technical description: The IBIS-L/S ground-based interferometric radar is a precise microwave measuring device used for remote, non-contact measurement of displacements and deformations of building structures and land surfaces with high accuracy. The main element of the s…

Laboratory stand for testing the mining process by milling or rotary drilling with single cutting tools or cutting drums

Contact person: Bołoz Łukasz
Technical description: The stand is intended for the implementation of comprehensive laboratory tests related to the broadly understood rock mining process. The test stand enables the milling and drilling process with single tools or cutting bodies on an artificial or nat…