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Turbomolecular pumped coater Q150T E Quorum Technologies

Contact person: Berent Katarzyna
Technical description: The device enables the deposition of high-purity, high-density amorphous carbon (C) thin films on the surface of non-conductive samples to improve the electrical conductivity of samples analyzed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission…


Contact person: Jabłoński Piotr
Technical description: The ScatterX78 chamber allows simultaneous measurement in a SAXS and WAXS vacuum. Measurement is possible for object sizes from 1 nm in 1D and 2D dimensions. Additionally, the proposed extension of the research equipment allows for conducting resear…

X-RAY Diffractometer with SAXS/WAXS

Contact person: Jabłoński Piotr
Technical description: Panalytical Empyrean powder diffractometers with Cu lamp. It allows to carry out measurements in the geometry of the Bragg-Brentano beam with the use of collimating slits and in the geometry of the parallel beam (Goebel mirror). Diffractometer equip…

Ultrapyc 5000 Micro gas pycnometer

Contact person: Bajda Tomasz
Technical description: The Ultrapyc 5000 Micro gas pycnometer is used to precisely measure the actual density of solids in the form of powders or monoliths. Helium is used for measurements. The device has a built-in temperature control using a Peltier module. Measurements…

Transient absorption spectrometer

Contact person: Burda Kvetoslava
Technical description: An integrated spectrometer capable of measuring transient absorption of electron states by nanosecond laser flash photolysis in the UV-VIS-IR range. Excitation light source 1. A tunable optical parametric oscillator pumped with a nanosecond Nd:YA…

FTIR spectrometer for measuring infrared spectra

Contact person: Podborska Agnieszka
Technical description: The Bruker Tensor II FTIR spectrometer is equipped with: attachment for measurements of Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) with a monolithic diamond crystal enabling measurement in the range of 350-8000 cm-1, adapted to the measurement of…

HPR-20 R&D quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS)

Contact person: Kmita Angelika
Technical description: HPR-20 R&D (MS) quadrupole mass spectrometer coupled with TA Instruments (TG) Q600 thermogravimeter. The TG/DSC-MS system enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of released gases and vapors emitted during sample heating (in the temperatur…

Differential scanning calorimeter SDT Q600 by TA INSTRUMENTS

Contact person: Kmita Angelika
Technical description: Analyzer for DSC differential scanning calorimetry and TG thermogravimetry.

Keithley 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System

Contact person: Mazur Tomasz
Technical description: The Keithley Model 4200-SCS is a modular fully integrated parameter analyzer that performs electrical characterization of materials and semiconductor devices and The 4200-SCS software provides a unified measurement interface that guides you through …

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Contact person: Marzec Mateusz
Technical description: The spectrometer of photoelectrons emitted under the influence of irradiation with X-ray (XPS) or ultraviolet (UPS) radiation is used to analyze the composition and chemical states of elements on the surface of the tested material. The laboratory is…