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NMR spectrometer

Contact person: Krzyżak Artur
Technical description: The Magritek Rock Core Analyzer (2 MHz) spectrometer with a diffusion system is dedicated to the study of porous systems, in particular the "tight" type, and the Thomography system attachment enabling the performance of complete 2D-3D tomo…

VSM magnetometer with cryostat

Contact person: Sikora Marcin
Technical description: Vibrating sample magnetometer, LakeShore 7407 VSM, is equipped with continuous flow cryostat and owen. It is capable to probe DC magnetization as a function of temperature and external magnetic field. Temperature dependent measurements can be perfor…

Atomic force microscope combined with nanoindenter

Technical description: The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Bruker Dimension ICON XR is a versatile, low noise probe scanning microscope. The maximum scanning area is limited to 90×90 μm in the horizontal range and up to 10 μm in the vertical range. The microscop…

DualBeam Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscop (FIB/SEM)

Contact person: Berent Katarzyna
Technical description: FEI Versa 3D double-beam high-resolution scanning electron microscope equipped with a Field Emission Gun (FEG) and a Focused Ion Beam (FIB). It enables operation with accelerating voltage in the range from 500 V to 30 kV (max. electron beam current …

Testing station for mechanical properties of ceramic materials

Contact person: Zych Łukasz
Technical description: The Zwick/Roell Z150 testing machine allows measurements to be taken at a maximum load of up to 150kN. Depending on the equipment used, measurements can be taken in bending (three- and four-point support) compression or tension. The tensile fixtures…

A stand for analyses of the thermo-physical properties of materials

Contact person: Szumera Magdalena
Technical description: A setup of the analyzers for Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) , Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), thermal diffusivity by laser method and a high temperature dilatometer.

NOVA NanoSEM 200

Contact person: Ziąbka Magdalena
Technical description: Ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope equipped with field emission  electron gun (FEG - Schotky’s  emitter), coupled with EDS by EDAX. Threshold resolution 2 nm, magnification range 70 – 500 000x.

Laser Confocal Microscope

Contact person: Gajek Marcin
Technical description: The Olympus LEXT OLS4000 is a confocal microscope capable of taking high-resolution 3D images and roughness measurements. The magnification of this microscope ranges from 108x – 17,280x. The LEXT OLS4000 microscope with software is capable …

Scanning Electron Microscope setup

Contact person: Ziąbka Magdalena
Technical description: SEM microscopes with electron (FEG) and ionic columns (Gallium – Scios 2). The SEMs include EDS spectroscopes (EDAX), catodoluminescence (GATAN AMETEK) and time of flight secondary ions mass spectroscope, TOF-SIMS. The microscopes are equipped…

FIB-SEM, SEM Scanning Electron Microscope with FIB Ion gun

Contact person: Kruk Adam
Technical description: FIB-SEM Crossbeam 350 with GEMINI column and FEG electron source offers high resolution imaging using advanced detection modes including InLens (SE), InLens (EsB), Angle Selective Back-Scattered Detector (AsB). The imaging settings of the Gemini opt…